Black Magic Woman

Black Magic WomanBlack Magic Woman | Amber Heat | July 2008 | Genre: Erotic Paranormal | ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-312-2

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As co-owner and Mistress of New Orleans’ most exclusive and exotic BDSM club, Renata Jones can have any man she wants. Her secret gift of seeing auras allows her to adapt and control the intensity of a male’s orgasm, making her a very popular Domme. When her silent partner uses underhanded methods to buy out her share of the club, she is determined to make her last night memorable.

Evan York isn’t at the Black Magic for sex. The handsome Air Force Captain is on a personal mission to find answers. But his plans derail when he sees Mistress Renata and is forced to acknowledge his innermost secret–a dark craving to be sexually dominated by a woman.

That night, they share a passion which fuels the imagination, and may have unlocked a once dormant ability in Renata, a rare form of mind power. Is Evan the catalyst for her awakening? Or the test she must overcome to prove the ultimate in control?



Renata had arrived at her cousin’s apartment twenty minutes earlier. After seeing her mother at the hospital and reassuring herself maman would be all right, she made it to her cousin’s where he took her bags, carried them in, and guided her into the kitchen.

In her family, the room served more than one function, and all conversations started over a cup of coffee, no matter the hour. Except the first words out of her mouth had nothing to do with her reason for being in Shreveport and everything to do with the man she’d met the night before. Now there was no turning back.

“Tell me about this guy again, Rennie.” Clay said, pouring them both a cup of coffee.

She closed her eyes and envisioned Evan standing before her, bare naked, proud and defiant. The faint dusting of fine blond hairs on his chest, the way it grew thicker and curling on his abdomen and legs.

“Tall, with blond hair—military short. Strong jaw, toned, muscled body. Eyes a strange beautiful shade of green. Older than me. I’m not even sure he was a true submissive. I’d never seen him before at the club.”

“Not your usual type, then.”

“No. But something about him attracted me. I couldn’t stop looking at him. He has this intense aura, orange with little swirls of red. When he looked at me, touched me, it was as though…”

“As though what?”

“Okay, this is going to sound stupid, but as though he was made just for me.”

“Then what are you doing here, Rennie? You should be with him.”

“You don’t understand, Clay. I could read him, I could see his thoughts! That’s never happened before. Then I…well, I did something I shouldn’t have.” Her eyes slid to the coffee mug in front of her. She grabbed it, took a sip, then made a face.  “Cousin, you still make the lousiest coffee in Louisiana.”

“That’s because you’re used to drinking coffee with chicory.”

“Yankee,” she accused, teasing. “I told maman when you left for college that they’d change you into one of them.”

“Oh, cher, now that hurts.” He hid his smile behind his own coffee mug.

“Clay, is it possible to control another’s thoughts? To force them to do what you want?”

“You mean like mind control?”

“Yes. Could someone use their mind to overpower someone’s will?”

“I don’t see how unless they used drugs to cloud the mind. Even so, I doubt it would work. Wait a minute—don’t tell me you drugged the poor guy?”

“No. I didn’t drug him. But I did sort of slip in and read his thoughts. Then I…well I wondered if I could send him a thought, an image and if he would be able to receive it. When he acted on it, I knew it worked. I started wondering if I pushed a little harder what would happen. If I sent other thoughts, ones he wouldn’t enjoy, would he act on them as well?”

She looked down into the swirling cream in her coffee, half embarrassed. “I didn’t follow through on it. I got him out of there fast. I wasn’t sure I could trust myself.”

“Your intuitive side is evolving. I think most of us have more than a single ability. The gifts are related, and yours kicked-in.”

She glanced up at her cousin’s words. “So the timing was coincidence.”

“Not necessarily. I doubt you could force his will. If the idea you sent appealed to him he might have though it was his own idea, or if what you sent him didn’t matter to him one way or another, then he simply did it.”

“I wondered…I know that you…”

“Can I read your thoughts? No. I sense emotions and that is similar and yet very different.” Clay set his own mug down and took her empty cup. “Try to read my mind. What am I thinking of, Rennie? Concentrate.”

“Nothing. I can’t hear a thing. It’s like my own thoughts echo back to me in an empty room.”

“I was thinking about my fiancé Caroline and how the fates love irony.”

“I don’t understand…?”

“You’ve never met Caroline or her family, but I think you’re going to see your handsome military man again very soon.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because based on your description, he’s the one I told you about. He’s Caroline’s brother.”

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