Naughty By Nature

Naughty By Nature | The Naughty South Series, Book 2 | Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Can a shy, mild mannered man change into an alpha hottie in time to seduce the woman he adores?

Pam Purcell never dreamed she’d be the one from her high school yearbook, divorced and still childless at thirty-seven. With her 20 year class reunion and yet another birthday on the way, her biological clock is screaming to wake up and get busy. There’s just one problem…the lack of eligible men in town.

Tim Riley has had a crush on Pam since the day he saw her kicking the flat tire on her car and stopped to help. He’s been a loyal customer at Pam’s beauty salon ever since, trying to work up his courage to ask her out. With Pam’s sister Stacie helping coach Tim, he develops a surefire plan to seduce and woo the former homecoming queen. But will he be able to reawaken Pam’s once naughty nature when she only sees him as one of her customers?


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