Naughty Little Secrets

Naughty Little SecretsNaughty Little Secrets | January 2012 | Genre: Erotic Contemporary

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Everyone has a few naughty little secrets. All of Stacie Purcell’s secrets are in the red story binder she keeps in her messenger bag. An aspiring writer, Stacie dreams of the day her sexy stories will get published. But when she misplaces her binder, she is frantic, worried she’ll never see it again. Desperate to get it back, she’s willing to do whatever it takes.

Tyler Murchison can’t help noticing the cute little blond in his car repair shop’s waiting room, her nose buried in her red binder. Closing up for the night, he discovers a not-so-innocent piece of paper and a mysterious messenger bag in the waiting room.

Intrigued by the drawings of sexual positions and the erotic fantasies Stacie weaves in her stories, he returns the binder, and offers Stacie a chance to experience all the incredible sexual delights she writes about.

But can a single night of wild, passionate sex lead to something more?



“5 Satin Pillows! …A short novella, it holds your attention throughout with its sexy scenes, fun characters and well-written plot. Ms. Curtis is one to watch. I enjoyed the read and recommend that you get a copy today!” -Lynne, Satin Sheets Romance



Stacie Purcell’s pulse jumped and her mouth went dry seeing her ideal male fantasy in the flesh. Tyler Murchison hadn’t noticed her, but then she didn’t expect it. He appeared preoccupied and in a hurry, talking on his cell phone.

Tyler’s short sleeve blue cotton shirt had his name and garage’s new logo on the breast pocket. A pair of dark gray pants and scuffed black shoes completed his work uniform. Despite his hands smeared with grease, she knew Tyler would clean up nice, and imagined him in dress slacks and jacket, his whiskey colored eyes smiling down at her. More than nice.

On really hot days, she’d heard he worked bare-chested in the garage. A few of her lucky customers at the beauty shop claimed his muscled chest and six-pack abs were beyond hunk worthy. The day Tyler moved back in town, every woman in Rusdale cheered.

What she wouldn’t give to see him in all his glory! Tyler inspired her muse and was the basis for her vampire hero in the erotic romance she was secretly writing. She hadn’t gotten up the courage to show her story to anyone yet, but she had hopes one day of getting published. Regardless, Tyler-watching sure kept her motivated.

The hunky mechanic opened the door to his office and walked to the front counter, never looking her way. But that didn’t stop her from checking him out. Mercy me!

Those strong and powerful thighs stretched the material of his pants in delightful ways. Tyler’s firm, chiseled body moved with smooth, masculine grace, despite having large feet. She remembered the old wives tale about large hands and large feet and stared at the snug fitting crotch of his trousers, wondering with avid curiosity if some of the rumors were true. A giggle escaped her lips before she could stop herself and she glanced up embarrassed, making sure no one heard.

The object of her scrutiny went back into the work area of the garage, ending her naughty ogling. The only other person in the customer area stood at the front register, folding paperwork before leaving the shop.

Alone at last! Now was the perfect time to pick up the narrative again on her story. Stacie opened her black leather messenger bag and pulled out her red story binder, balancing it on her lap.

She used every spare minute she could find to work on her story, and loved using the ‘down’ time when she was stuck in waiting rooms for plotting and writing. Stacie pushed the tabs on the ends of the binder’s spine, forcing the metal rings apart, and inserted the note cards she’d worked on earlier.

Flipping through the story, she reread the last page she’d written. In the scene, her heroine had just discovered the sexy, tortured hero was a vampire. Stacie chewed her lip in contemplation. Sooner or later, she’d have to decide what type to make him, vamp-glam or more traditional, but for now, he was in need of tender lovin’ care, something her heroine ached to give him.

The best part of writing romance was having her characters get the man they wanted and giving them the happily ever after she and a lot of other women desired. A close second was the sex.

She loved exploring erotic websites, reading what some people might deem soft-core porn and being able to call it research. Of course, if her sister found out she’d been hogging the computer at night in order to look up sexual positions and read erotic romances, her butt would be in serious trouble.

Pam thought she was working on her college homework, and in a way she was, since her classes were creative writing and English composition. Besides, what could be more creative than sex?

Stacie slid a printed sheet out of the binder pocket long enough to study the line drawings she’d downloaded from her sister’s computer, and tried deciding which one she should write for the first love scene. Not like she could use her own experience. Her love life was nonexistent, unless she counted her purple passion vibrator.

The website she’d found had been very helpful, with descriptive diagrams and names for various sexual positions, like ‘backward facing bad dog,’ which didn’t sound very romantic or sexy. Hmm, squishy piston, face salami, oblong bend, and the love jackhammer weren’t much better. Ooh, one had possibilities—the slippery double slappy! At least it would be fun to write and she bet even more fun to try—if she had a boyfriend.

Stacie pulled out her favorite black gel pen and scribbled notes in the margins. An idea popped into her head and she wrote down part of a scene…

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