Shifting Tides

Shifting TidesShifting Tides | Amber Heat | September 2009 | Shifting Tides, Print Edition | Genre: Erotic Paranormal | ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-847-9

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Venture beneath the shimmering waves of a turquoise ocean and discover the portal to an enchanted realm in this paranormal erotic romance collection from author Cassandra Curtis. One man’s ultimate quest for power troubles an undersea world already rife with dark danger and political intrigues, forcing three women to face down their fears and embrace their destiny.

Meet the heroes and heroines in Shifting Tides.

In Beneath A Midnight Sea, Terri Fletcher is a woman who knows how to flirt and how to meet men…just not how to keep one. When she comes home after attending a workshop on how to find Mr. Right, the last thing she expects is to find him, wet, naked, and passed out behind her house. Destin MacCodrum, a shape shifting selkie, survives both a strange storm at sea and a shark attack, only to wash ashore minus his sealskin cap. Much has changed since his last visit to the world of the land-dwellers. Including his resistance to the lusty charms of their women, namely his beautiful rescuer. Unable to change back into his aquatic form without his cap, Destin suspects Terri may have hidden it to keep him with her, just as all the legends say. Together they must learn trust, while another plots in secret to destroy Destin’s world beneath the midnight sea.

In Song of The Sea, Terri’s cousin Vivilyn Ondine is a runaway bride escaping a mafia wedding. When private investigator Peter Varien is hired to find her he suspects something is fishy. He just didn’t expect it to be the bride. He manages to track his quarry down at a nightclub in Memphis, where she’s belting out jazzy torch songs with the boys in the band. She’s every man’s desire, with a body born of sin and a voice that enthralls, putting men under a sexual spell. A sea siren, Viv is having the time of her life among the land-dwellers. She’s never fallen in love, never truly surrendered—until she meets the handsome private eye. Soon, Peter and Vivilyn are in a race against time, and must join forces to defeat a dangerous enemy who will stop at nothing, even murder, to capture Viv and force her to reveal the location of the magical pearl known as the Soul of The Sea.

In Soul of The Sea, Jill Kohlson is a woman looking for answers and bent on revenge. Her plans take a side turn when she travels to Mermaid Isle and meets the handsome Botoa brothers. Gavin and Garde are twin Dolphine Botos, a race of Brazilian shape-shifters that according to myth and legend, can claim your soul and take you to the Encanté, an enchanted undersea world. The twins share everything, including their lovers. For the first time in her life, Jill can explore all her sexual fantasies and appease her hungry appetites. She knows there is no future in the summer fling, especially if the brothers discover her secret; a magical amulet she wears to disguise her true nature. When the twin’s foster father Silas Mariner is kidnapped, Jill realizes her one chance to find answers has disappeared too. With the help of her friend Melissa, she infiltrates the compound of crime boss Nick Sharkey, and must make the toughest decision of her life. Fulfill her lust for revenge, or risk all to save the twins and the one she loves.



“4 Cups! …Ms. Curtis creates a story that is full of excitement and mystery. A very good read about a fairy tale romance and the pitfalls on the road to love.” –Delane, Coffee Time Romance

“4 Cups! …The world building is spectacular and all of the characters, both primary and secondary, are realistic. If you enjoy reading about magic and shape shifters mixed with love, then you do not want to miss this one!” —Regina, Coffee Time Romance & More

“4/5 Stars! …Destin is sexy and knows exactly what he wants, which is Terri. His alpha-male drive to keep her in his life is both erotic and exciting. Once they are together-they are together! They have HOT, arousing sex (I was certainly aroused!) and begin to fall in love. There are a number of secondary characters, including Terri’s amazing mother. Other secondary characters are introduced in order to be part of subsequent stories. I found the premise to be fascinating and the plot flows smoothly. As the story proceeded, I found myself drawn into the plot and eager to find out what would come next. -Marcy Arbitman, Just Erotic Romance Reviews


(From Beneath A Midnight Sea, book one in the Shifting Tides trilogy)


This had to be the stupidest thing she’d done so far. If she could strangle Jill, she would. But no, Jill had called on her cell phone at the last minute to cancel. Wonderful. The whole stupid class had been Jill’s idea to begin with, but as usual, she was the one who got stuck on the follow through.

She could be home watching her favorite TV show, comfortable in her fuzzy slippers. Instead, she and ten other rejects were standing in the produce aisle at the supermarket, learning how to fondle cucumbers and snag their Mr. Right among the vegetables.

When had she become desperate? She knew how to flirt, how to meet men…just not how to keep one.

“Terri? Terri Fletcher?”

She glanced to her left, then her right—nowhere to hide! No. Oh, dear God, no. Maybe she imagined the spandex covered horror? She closed her eyelids, willed herself far far away. Then opened them. Her mother’s best friend dropped her grapefruits and waved. She was coming over!

Terri clutched the cucumber tighter, inadvertently pushing on a soft spot. The vegetable squirted pulpy seeds all over her fingers. Great!

The instructor leaned over to pass her a napkin. “I think you just went to the head of the class, Ms. Fletcher!”

The rest of the group giggled. She threw the abused cuke onto the pile and wiped the mess off her hands. While she looked around for somewhere to pitch the piece of paper towel, bony arms drenched in cloying perfume, enveloped her.

“I thought that was you! What are you doing shopping way out here? I thought you moved to the beach or somewhere on the coast, out near the jetties?

“Mrs. Larimore. Isn’t tonight bunco night for you and the other ladies in Mom’s group?”

“That’s on Thursdays. Friday is shakin’ your groove thing night.” The older woman winked. Then she happened to look over her shoulder at the other group participants, all of them standing near the pile of long, green veggies, each holding a cucumber.

Her own Mr. Cucumber chose that second to roll down the precarious pile. She reached out to grab it before it fell to the ground. Oh, I didn’t realize…” She looked back at Terri. “Are these your friends?” The older woman leaned forward, whispered in her ear. “Why are they all fondling vegetables, dear?”

Floor, swallow me. Swallow me whole. “Um, it’s a workshop—you remember my friend Jill—she signed us up for it, but she couldn’t make it.”

“But a workshop on…what?”

The instructor stepped forward. “Hello. The class is for single women on how to flirt with men in a non-threatening, equal environment.”

“Ah, well at least her mother will be happy to know she’s decided to get professional help.” She turned back to Terri and hugged her. “She’ll be thrilled you haven’t given up. Now you go on back to your class. And pay attention. You have a lot to learn about men, and you’re not getting any younger!”

A cloud of perfume trailed in her wake as Mrs. Larimore returned to her cart, wheeling away from the produce section. Before midnight, everyone in her mother’s circle would know. Could a woman die of embarrassment? She might be the first to find out.

She stayed for the entire hour and a half workshop, not because she thought she’d actually learn something, but more due to the fact that her check had already been cashed.

Her cell phone rang for the ninth time since she’d left the parking lot. Deep breaths, she told herself. She dug around in her purse one-handed and came up with the tiny flip phone. She glanced from the road to the caller ID. It was her mother. Again.

Ignore it. Go ahead. You’re a grown woman. You’ve ignored it so far. Just because she keeps calling doesn’t mean you have to— “Hi, Mom.”

“Is something wrong with your phone?”

“No, Mom. I’m in the SUV, on my way home. You know how I don’t like to talk on the cell and drive at the same time.”

“So, you’re done with your class.”

Mrs. Larimore of the spandex groove thing hadn’t wasted any time. “Can I call you tomorrow, Mom? I’m just pulling into the driveway.”

“I wish you’d moved somewhere closer. Especially if you still plan to grocery shop all the way over here. That’s a lot of gas. You really should get rid of that thing you drive—get something more economical. Especially since you insist on living on your own income.”

Next she’d suggest moving back home. “Mom… you’re breaking…up…call you…tomorrow.” She pressed the end call button with a guilty smile and shoved the cell phone in her jeans pocket. Sometimes a little distance was healthy.

She hummed to herself and got out to check her mail. Bills, bills and, oh joy! More bills. Her mother had a point—but she had no intention of going to her mother with her hand out. Just like she had no intention of allowing her mother to help her get a man. The last thing she needed was busy-body interference of the magickal variety.

The sack of groceries she’d bought slid from her hip. She caught it with her knee, and had just unlocked and opened her house door when she heard the noise.

A pathetic moan came from around the side, behind her house. Maybe a hurt animal on the ocean’s rock jetties below? She placed the groceries on her coffee table, tossed her purse next to it, and grabbed both a flashlight and the baseball bat her father insisted she keep in the closet. If it was a prowler she’d score a hit and a run.

She snuck around the corner. Something tried to move. A strange, dark form huddled between the clumps of sea grass and sand. She waved the flashlight over the shape, saw it slump over and kiss the ground. On closer inspection she realized it was a man. A very cold, wet, and naked man.

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