Shifting Tides: Song of The Sea

Song of The SeaSong of The Sea | Amber Heat | September 2008 | Shifting Tides, Book 2 | Genre: Erotic Paranormal | ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-379-5

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When a mafia don’s bride-to-be goes missing, Peter Varien is hired to find her. Varien, an ex-cop turned private eye, takes the job despite the warning bells going off in his head.

He manages to track down the missing woman to a nightclub in Memphis, where she’s belting out jazzy torch songs with the boys in the band. She’s every man’s desire, with a body born of sin and a voice that enthralls, putting men under a sexual spell.

But it’s a spell under which Peter is determined not to fall.

Vivilyn Ondine is having the time of her life, given the power over human men through the control she wields as a sea siren. She’s never fallen in love, never truly surrendered–until she meets the handsome private investigator.

Soon, Peter and Vivilyn are in a race against time, and must join forces to defeat a dangerous enemy who will stop at nothing, even murder, to capture Viv and force her to reveal the location of the magical pearl known as the Soul of The Sea.



“4 Cups! …Ms. Curtis creates a story that is full of excitement and mystery. A very good read about a fairy tale romance and the pitfalls on the road to love.” –Delane, Coffee Time Romance

“4 Stars!…A good story, with all the elements I want in an erotic romance. There was a great deal of action both sexual and otherwise as these two try to outrun the mob…There were several secondary characters, all of whom kept the pace and plot moving foreword. The sexual scenes were crazy hot! I just wish there had been more of them. I will be looking for the next story from Ms. Curtis. If you haven’t read Song Of The Sea, you are missing out.” -Stefani Clayton, Just Erotic Romance Reviews


Could he be the one she’d sensed following her these past few days? Viv glanced at the man she’d talked to earlier. He puzzled her. For a minute, she held his gaze; fully aware of the gnawing hunger he struggled to hide before he managed to break the trance. Excitement raced through her veins. In over two hundred years, no mortal man broke eye contact once called. She looked out at the sea of male faces and stretched the note, tweaked it the slightest bit. They leaned forward as one, always eager for more.

A minute of pure silence followed, then thunderous applause. She bowed and enjoyed the rush of energy she always got from performing. The band started the lead-in for the next song.

Jazz and torch songs amplified her sensual power and ability, each note a caress for the listener. She tempted her audience, but tonight, her entreaty singled out a particular set of ears.

Her gaze lingered on his rugged, tanned face, the pale scar on his chin an intriguing contrast. How did he receive the mark? She liked his close-cropped dark brown hair and the firm, masculine lips. Oh, how she’d like to tease them open and start a sensual fire inside. For all his loose-limbed nonchalant manner, she recognized the potent danger that cloaked his thin, yet solid frame.

Had Nicky sent him? A cold trickle of fear settled in the pit of her stomach.

She had no intention of going through with the wedding, and only agreed to pretend long enough to help her Uncle Silas. Of course, Nicky had other ideas about when the marriage officially started, so she had improvised and hit the road.

The man at the table didn’t look like the usual predators Nicky employed. He didn’t wear the symbol of their kind, nor did he carry the scent of the sea. So, who was he? What did he want?

She took a deep breath for the big finish at the end of the song, and belted out the finale. The audience rose to their feet, whistling and clapping. She licked the corner of her mouth and smiled at her admirers. Her eyes wandered back to the man at the table by the bar. He wanted something from her—that was certain.

If he was the man following her, she needed to know why. It paid to be careful—a lesson she’d learned the hard way. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t have some fun. Her lips curved into the Mona Lisa smile she had perfected over a lifetime, as desire flicked a steady burn. The audience wanted more. She planned to give them and her latest admirer a night they’d never forget.

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