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Stuck at her sister’s tropical wedding without a date, Dixie Ames decides to kick up sand at the reception and finds more than she bargained for, spotting a strange shimmering orb over the water. Rey knows better than to appear in front of humans, but something about Dixie attracts him like no other. Can a human and a Shimryn find love? He knows only the tides will tell.



Rey sat on the beach, his long, bronze-toned body bare except for a pair of faded blue swim trunks. He put on his shades and kept watch. The delectable brunette from the night before hadn’t shown her pretty face yet. He rubbed his own face, remembering the spiked heel that same brunette had sent flying toward his head-well, what would have been his head had he been in his human form.

He’d been mildly amused when his brother worried that someone had seen their departure. Neither he nor his compadres ever worried about being spotted. Any sightings usually got classified as a little too much rum, a little too much sun, and an overactive imagination. But when he got a better look at woman who had seen them, he’d been intrigued. Her aura shone bright as a night star.

Of course, he didn’t expect her to knock the adamas out of him with her shoe. His brother got a good laugh out of that! It wasn’t until later that he wondered if the little human had been hurt from their encounter. He told himself that-and only that-was the reason he’d decided to check up on her.

He caught movement near the hotel’s side entrance. It was her! He had to get closer. She took the steps down to the beach two at a time, then walked to the exact spot where she’d hit him with her shoe. Now, she knelt in the sand, scooping up handfuls of it, and emptying her cupped palms into a clear, plastic bag. She snapped the bag shut and stood.

An overwhelming urge to touch her, flesh to flesh, fought with the common sense that told him to keep away. She headed for the stairs. Desire won out and he made his way over to her.


“Oh!” She spun around and her sandal flew off between the slats of the steps.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. Let me retrieve your shoe for you.”

“Thank you.”

He reached through the opening and grabbed the rubber heel. At least she’d changed into less lethal footwear. “You do seem to have a problem keeping your shoes on, don’t you?” He muttered under his breath.

“Excuse me?”

“Sorry. Here you go, Ms.-?” He handed her the sandal and their fingers touched.


The moment stretched, infinite possibilities merged, and he saw the future in her eyes. He knew his people had mated with humans in the past, but he’d never wanted nor expected having more than a fling with any of the females he met on the island.

“You know, it sure is rude to have somebody tell you their name and not to tell yours back. Didn’t your mama teach you manners?”

He quirked his lips. “I’m sorry again it seems.” He released the shoe. “I’m Rey.”

“Rey. Like a drop of sunshine? I like it.”

“Happy to hear it. Are you here on vacation?”

“No, my sister’s wedding. Although the ceremony was yesterday and everybody else is leaving to head home today.”

“You aren’t leaving, I hope? We’ve only just met.”

“I’m supposed to fly out tomorrow, but I think I might just stick around. I love the island.” She tried to put on her sandal, but lost her balance, and reached out for something solid.
Her fingers gripped his forearm. Heat rushed straight to his groin. Damn, he’d never wanted a woman as much as he wanted this woman, right now. He curved a hand around her waist, wishing he could tear off the tiny scrap of fabric blocking him from touching her bare skin. He leaned forward and inhaled the lingering, fresh scent of cucumber shampoo.

“Thank you.” Dixie straightened and backed up a step.

A shaft a light made the bag she held shimmer. At least ten pure adamas stones were in the see-through baggie along with a bit of sand. He tried to smother a laugh. How could he not be attracted to a woman who literally carried part of him with her? She seemed concerned he’d noticed her little treasure and tried to turn away.

“Adamas. Quite lovely.”


“The stones in your bag.”

“You know what they are?”

He heard the excitement in her voice. “Yes. You might say I am an expert on adamas.”

“I’m probably being too forward, but would you like to have lunch with me? My treat. I’d love to hear more about adamas if you’re willing?”

“I don’t think you forward at all, and it will be my treat to be with you.”

“Then it’s a date. Oh, but you might need to change clothes. Some places won’t let you in without a shirt on.”

“I happen to know a perfect place, very quiet, no shirt or shoes required, and the chef is a culinary genius. It will be my treat to take you there.”

“Is it authentic ethnic food? I’ve got a hankering to try something new.”

Her eyes sparkled and her little upturned nose made him want to kiss it. The sheer joy of life echoed in her aura.

“I promise you an adventure. Follow me, muchacha.”

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