Shifting Tides: Soul Of The Sea

Soul of The SeaSoul of The Sea | Amber Heat | August 2009 | Shifting Tides, Book 3 | Genre: Erotic Paranormal | ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-562-1

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Jill Kohlson is a woman looking for answers and bent on revenge. Her plans take a side turn when she travels to Mermaid Isle and meets the handsome Botoa brothers.

Gavin and Garde are twin Dolphine Botos, a race of Brazilian shapeshifters that, according to myth and legend, can claim your soul and take you to Encanté, an enchanted undersea world.

The twins share everything, including their lovers. For the first time in her life, Jill can explore all her sexual fantasies and appease her hungry appetites. She knows there is no future in the summer fling, however, especially if the brothers discover her secret—a magical amulet she wears to disguise her true nature.

When the twins’ foster father Silas Mariner is kidnapped, Jill realizes her one chance to find answers has disappeared, too. With the help of her friend Melissa, she infiltrates the compound of crime boss Nick Sharkey, and must make the toughest decision of her life. Fulfill her lust for revenge, or risk all to save the twins and the one she loves…



“4 Cups! …The world building is spectacular and all of the characters, both primary and secondary, are realistic. If you enjoy reading about magic and shape shifters mixed with love, then you do not want to miss this one!” —Regina, Coffee Time Romance & More


She wove among the tourists, flip-flops kicking up sand, and removed her sunglasses when she saw the sign: Mariner’s Treasures of the Deep. No one seeing the dinky excuse for a gift shop would ever guess the true value or the priceless nature of some items hidden within the shack. Sneaky old pirate. Silas Mariner had made good on his promise to her, though. Now it was her turn. So why did her stomach fill with dread?

Jill blinked, her eyes adjusting from bright sunshine to natural, indoor light, and then blinked again at the unexpected sight less than three feet away.

Dear Neptune! The man was too beautiful. Long waves of honey dark hair, gathered by a strip of thin rope, hung past his shoulders. Seashells suspended from a few braided strands. He carried the scent of ocean breezes and warm tropical nights spent in a haze of sexual delight. Her mouth watered and her stomach clenched. Mmm…she was hungry for a taste.

She admired his rippled abs and strong back as he bent to retrieve a large conch shell from a bag and move it to a bottom shelf in the gift shop. With his tanned chest and arms bare, Jill could see the telltale mark of his clan tattooed on the inside of his bicep.

A stylized tribal tattoo, waves within a circle. The fluted tail fin of a Dolphine boto in the center. They were supposed to be extinct. Nothing left of them but myth and legend…Brazilian shapeshifters that, in the guise of human desire, could claim your soul and take you to Encanté, an enchanted underwater world. Twins. She remembered now. The Dolphine race had always calved twins. Yet here stood one of them. So where was this one’s brother? She warned herself to be on guard. Many pretty things came from the Amazon, and the prettiest were often deadly.

Could he sense the sea magick in her? She fingered the earth amulet around her neck. Well, she’d wanted to test it to make sure it worked before she put her plan in motion. What better way than to wear it in the presence of a male Dolphine?

When he straightened, their eyes locked for a brief minute. Her heart pounded in equal amounts excitement and no little amount of fear. Dolphines and their common, non-magickal distant cousins, the dolphins, were known as fierce fighters and enemies of all sharks.

Deep-set eyes the color of midnight blue lapis drifted over her figure, lingering on her breasts. Did she pass inspection? She glanced down…difficult to tell since he wore board shorts. A whisper of sound escaped his lips. She looked up and realized she’d been caught staring at his potential assets as well. Heat flushed her cheeks, but did not stop her arousal or her determination.

“Is the owner here?” The question tumbled from her lips, her breath caught on the flash of pearl white teeth as he smiled.

“No. I will have to do. Garde Botoa,” he introduced as he took her hand. But instead of shaking it, he pulled her closer and kissed her on each cheek. The contact of their joined hands tingled, and zings of static electricity danced where his lips brushed her face.

Desire hit her full force, leaving her legs shaky and her nipples tight. In her mind, she could hear his soft accent, his gentle words of enchantment. He meant to bespell her with passionsong! A normal human would never recognize the seductive call for what it was—imposed lust, carnal fire. His will dominant over her and none the wiser.

Except she wasn’t your average woman. Or even completely human. She was more, and the knowledge brought a smile to her face…because he didn’t know!

The amulet had worked!

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