The Midnight Effect

The Midnight EffectThe Midnight Effect | October 2015 | Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance | ISBN-13: 9781311963512

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Animal habitat designer Allison Caufield sees a rare sight. A wolf thought to be extinct, roaming the underbrush of a Central American jungle. What she captures on her digital camera could vindicate her or destroy her reputation once and for all.

Javier López is used to the shadows. To save his people, he must stop the one woman who can prove such dark legends exist. Her sweet scent and lush curves call out to him even as duty to his pack forces him to steal from the beautiful American.

Cast into the role of rescuer by the hand of fate, Javier must now bring all his considerable skills and heightened senses into play if he has any hope of saving Allison before the midnight effect.



Please note the following review is for the original Amber Heat published version.

4 Hearts!…”Oh, this reviewer enjoyed this dark little tale. Cassandra Curtis knows how to not only give her readers an erotic thrill but also send shivers down her spine. I enjoy my paranormals a bit on the dark side, with evil villains, a touch of violence and deep, dark secrets. Ms. Curtis blends all this and more to give her readers a story that will be thought about long after reading. I enjoyed the characters. Allison is a woman who the reader will be rooting that she finds her true love and Javier is a man that every woman reader will fall in love with. If you love your shapeshifter stories more on the dark side, then this story is for you. This reviewer knows you will enjoy.” – Valerie, Loves Romances and More Cafe




Javier followed the American woman at a discreet distance and watched as she disappeared inside yet another cantina. Minutes later, she reappeared on the street. What did she look for inside? If she sought relief from the heat, she should have stayed there and drunk the piss-water cerveza they served.

She removed her straw hat and fanned her face. A red and black patterned bandana tied the woman’s shoulder length blond hair away from her neck. From this distance he couldn’t see the color of her eyes, but he admired the natural blush on her cheekbones.

Javier’s gaze traveled from the full rounded breasts straining against the thin shirt and pocketed vest she wore, to the generous curves of her hips. Her belted shorts were made from the same beige material and covered her legs to just above the knee. With such light colored hair, Javier guessed she would normally be pale, but her tawny arms and legs made him think she’d been in his part of the world for longer than a simple vacation. He noted the strong, shapely muscles of her calves and idly imagined undressing her to see if all her skin was the same beautiful golden shade. Maybe he’d find a tan line and trace it with his tongue, top to bottom.

Something about the woman engaged his innate, predatory nature. Javier moved closer, drawn despite his usual caution. He suspected she was the kind of person who didn’t give up easily. The firm, determined set of her shoulders said to the world that whatever she searched for, she’d find it or die trying. The sudden realization only made his task more difficult. He’d need something besides his Latin charm for persuasion.

The Midnight Effect is also included in the multi-author boxed set Dark Hallows.

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