When Midnight Comes

When Midnight ComesWhen Midnight Comes: Erotic Romance Short Stories Collection 1 | August 2011 | Genre: Erotic Paranormal | ASIN: B005G517VK

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Paranormal erotic romance anthology from author Cassandra Curtis includes the stories The Ghost of Goodacre Hall, Mummy Dearest, and Stroke It. Previously published separately and now combined into a single volume for the Kindle, When Midnight Comes: Erotic Romance Short Stories Collection 1 offers three sizzling tales, with three levels of heat!


The Ghost of Goodacre Hall
Matthew Lambert tried to run from his past, but when he decides to renovate an old house, he is forced to resurrect more than ghosts. Intrigued by the paranormal, Cadence Martin always loved Goodacre Hall. When she gets an invitation to attend the Victorian house’s grand opening, she decides to see if the new owners are aware they just inherited the resident ghost, her great-aunt Miriam.


Mummy Dearest
Gwen Patterson expected an adventure when she signed up to work an archeological dig in Egypt, but she didn’t expect to uncover a sinister plot involving a mummy and a mysterious golden scarab. Cursed to sleep for thousands of years, Kemnebi is awakened by Gwen’s accidental blood sacrifice. Now freed, he must regain his power and defeat an old foe, or risk losing Gwen forever.


Stroke It
Exhausted after a coast to coast book tour, Laris needs serious R and R. The luxury resort along the Baja coast provides their guests with everything they could desire, including their own personal masseur. Former special ops agent Alejandro Maranta loves his job as an on-call masseur for the resort hotel. Using his unique gift for easing tension, he gives Laris a massage she’ll never forget.


The pantry door swung open and gently closed. It would have been easier if she could read his mind. For so long, he’d tried to convince himself the voice was a figment of his imagination, caused by his troubled youth.

After he left Falls Church, the voice had become a silent thing of the past. He’d shoved the first fifteen years of his life into a small compartment, and bolted the door for all time, or so he’d thought. He’d grown into a man. Inside though, where truth lies dormant, yet ever watchful, he’d known.

The past had a way of returning to life. Forced to acknowledge the facts, no matter how bizarre, he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, Mrs. Goodacre was no figment of an active imagination. He watched as fog, shaped like a woman’s head, passed through the large storage freezer, and popped up quick as a jack‐in‐the‐box.

“Maybe its time we had a talk.”

Are you planning an Ice Cream Social, Matthew? I see you have an exorbitant amount of cardboard containers marked ice cream.

“No one has ice cream socials anymore, Mrs. G.”

Why ever not?

“Society is different today. Most people are too busy to socialize, even if they wanted to. And if they do, they go on their computers and use the Internet.”

Oh. What year did you say this is?

“2008.” Matthew tried to contain his frustration. He had to get her cooperation. All his goals, his hopes and dreams along with his investment could be down the toilet if she didn’t agree to his plan. “Mrs. G, I really need to tell you something important,” he said in a rush before she could interject. He rubbed the scar on his chin.

“When I ran away, I never planned to return. I had to escape,” he mumbled under his breath, eyes downcast.

I know, Matthew.

When he looked up again, the ghostly essence was closer. “Maybe it was just an odd coincidence. Hell, maybe it was fate, but when the real estate agent called and said he’d found ‘the’ house I’d been searching for, I simply knew. I asked where it was and when he said Falls Church, I laughed.” He gave her the lopsided sad smile that broke her heart. “This was always your home, Mrs. G.”

Our home, Matthew. Ever since I met you, it became our home.

“If you still feel that way, then hopefully you won’t be upset. You see, this past year I’ve been looking for property to develop. My plan is to open a Victorian bed and breakfast–here.” He waited for an energy fluctuation, anything, to clue him into how well she was taking his news.

Of course, I’m not upset! It’s a splendid idea.

“Are you sure? I thought ghosts hated it when people remodeled their homes and turned them into businesses.”

Well, I don’t. You will be staying, though, won’t you?

“My personal furniture should arrive tomorrow. So no more sleeping bag, I’ll be permanently moving into the master suite.”

You realize, ‘they’ still live here in Falls Church…

“So I’ve been told. But I think its time I faced a few of my old ‘ghosts’ and laid them to rest. Don’t you?” A slow smile curved his lips.

About time, dear boy! And I have a splendid idea!

Matthew watched as the mist gathered and appeared to solidify her form. The temperature in the room dropped. Whatever her idea was, she was obviously excited by it!

We will have a grand opening for the bed and breakfast, an open house.

“I already planned something along those lines.” Matthew told her.

I hope you plan to send out invitations.

“Two sets. One for society’s finest and one sneak preview set for some special guests.” Matthew’s eyes gleamed. “Dear old mom and dad.”

Very good, I think I shall enjoy meeting your parents–especially your father…yes, think I will enjoy that very much.

Miriam Goodacre, resident ghost of Goodacre Hall, produced a thin, yet wicked chuckle.

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