After The Story Ends

A Look Back

Sometimes a story is a vignette into another life and it doesn’t require novel length to tell. Novellas and short stories are an art form all their own and require as much if not more skillset in a writer’s toolbox than a full fledged opus.

Having said that, I also know readers want to know what happened after the story ended, they need that sense of closure from a HEA (Happy Ever After).  So, to satisfy my readers, I’ve added this page to my website.

Fair Warning Spoiler Alert: Some of these “looks back” include spoilers, so if you haven’t read my shorts and novellas, this is your chance to back away slowly and slide to another page.

Black Magic Woman — Renata and Evan decide to move in together off base, and explore their natural empathic abilities—in and out of bed. Renata’s cousin’s marriage to Evan’s little sister is still going strong, and now she looks to her husband instead of her brother to fix all her problems. Renata’s mother is still waiting for grandchildren, but at least now she’ll be around to see them, thanks to her new heart.

Cup of Fate – this story was my first published ebook and I will be adding more material to expand it to novel length, so watch my blog and my Coming Soon page here on my website for more details on a release date.

Compulsion — out now as an expanded short story with epilogue.

I Put A Spell On You — Soon to be released with a new title (Sebastian’s Spell). Watch my blog or FB for more details coming soon.

The Midnight Effect — Rewritten and released. The first book in my new series, El Lobizon. The second book in the series, Diabla Luna will introduce Francesca, a bounty hunter who used to work with Jaeger, Allison’s contact with her former client’s company.  Allison and Javier will also make an appearance in the story as they continue to battle the Dayshifters for control of Santa Ybella.

Shimmer — I know I said I didn’t plan to make this into a novel or to have a sequel, but the overwhelming response I received from readers forced me to revisit the possibilities, so yes, there is a sequel in the works (Sparkle) and even a lovely new cover you can view on the Coming Soon page.

Naughty Little Secrets— the sequel to this story (Naughty By Nature) will be out sometime soon, and is Pam and Tim’s story. Big Rory will make a cameo appearance as will Stacie and Tyler. And yes, the rumors are true, book three in the Naughty South series will be Big Rory’s story. So those readers who like the ultimate, older bad boy hero will get their wish.

Open Season — The story’s epilogue allows readers to see quite a bit of what happened after the initial story ended. I may decide to revisit this story and expand it and also give it a new title, but for the foreseeable future, my project list is already a mile long with books to revise and expand, plus new stories waiting for their turn.

The Deal Breaker — Athena and her lover left Archimedes Island, free at last to explore the rest of the world now that the curse has been broken. Don’t feel too sorry for Ryan. He’s living the life he always wanted, and is enjoying his island paradise with more than one beautiful woman.

The Ghost Of Goodacre Hall — Cadence and Matthew are now married, running the bed and breakfast inn together, and will soon welcome a new life into their little family. Miriam still enjoys haunting her former home and is looking forward to being a ghostly godmother.

Mummy Dearest — Gwen is helping Kemnebi adjust to new modern life. Their next stop is America, and meeting her parents. Kemnebi plans to ask her father for her hand in marriage. He’s old fashioned that way.

Stroke It — Alejandro enjoyed his sideline as a masseur with something extra, but living la vida loca with Laris in America as her research assistant, comes with amazing benefits.

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